Steve Paterson & Janice Woode at Touch Wood

Janis Woode studied sculpture and ceramic form at the Emily Carr College of Art and Design and Capilano College. She worked and showed in studios in the downtown east side of Vancouver and now works in the vibrant art milieu of Salt Spring island.

Steve Paterson has had a lifelong interest in art and design and has pursued this interest with a metal fabrication shop on Saltspring Island for the last 20 years. He has created for architects, designers, industry and other artists. His pieces are held in private collections in North America.  

A collaboration between Janice Woode and Steve Patterson & for a public sculpture trail curated by the Duthie Gallery 2008/9 for Hastings House.

Work at Touch Wood
The Last of the Giants    
Materials: steel rebar, steel mesh, stucco, latex paint, moss     Size: Ht: 72″  Width: 96″  Length: 132″  

The Lst of the Giants

The Last of the Giants