Michael Dennis at Touch Wood

Michael Dennis has lived on Denman Island for 30 years, carving monumental figures in salvaged cedar; abstract and semi-representational, they have power, presence and personality and demonstrate Dennis’ intimate mastery of the human form.

Originally from California, a professor and neurophysiological research scientist at University of California, San Francisco, Michael made a dramatic shift in the 80’s, from the academy of science to the practice of art and the making of “representations of self” and ancestral tropes. His work is in prominent collections here and abroad, his carved figures are familiar in Vancouver with public installations at SFU, UBC and ‘Dude Chilling park.

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Work at Touch Wood
Confidence , pair, red cedar, 7 – 8’ tall, purchased anonymously for the garden in 2012.
Council of Elders – 11 figures in red cedar, 12’ feet tall
Archetype – bronze cast of wood carving – 7’
Visitors – multiple figures, red cedar , white paint 4 – 5’ tall
Van Duse Chilling – reclining figure red cedar 10’ l
Sentinel – red cedar, 7′ h
Folly – bronze cast of wood carving – 6′