Brent Comber at Touch Wood

Brent Comber is a 4th generation to have grown up in North Vancouver in the immense forests of the north shore. His evolving work in design and sculpture and landscape installations reflects his early inspiration and informs his use of materials: salvaged, scavenged and historically significant wood. Well known in Canada and abroad for his iconic alder blocks and beautifully proportioned solid forms and with his enlightened attitude to forestry and wood use, Brent truly reflects the ‘genius loci’, the here and now spirit of our west coast. Brent has received international and national commissions and his work has been displayed from New York to Dubai to Shanghai. He is the recipient of a 2011 BC Achievement Award.

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Work at Touch Wood
Pale Shadows, 10 fir poles from 8 – 10’
Sentinels – 9 x 9’ broadleaf maple forms in a circle
Shattered Sphere – cedar shards, 60 “ in diameter, led lights.