Touch Wood at VanDusen Garden


New additions to Touch Wood at Van Dusen Botanical Garden, Summer 2014. Touch Wood continues through September 2014. Don’t miss it!

Leaf Bench by Peter Pierobon

New Exhibitions in the Discovery Room June through September:

July 11 – August 6 – Paul Burke and Anna Gustafson – MRS. DRYSDALE’S CIRCUS

August 6 – September 3 – Richard Tetrault – WOODBLOCKS

September 3 – October 1 Michael Dennis – FIGURES

Duthie Gallery has partnered with the VanDusen Botanical Garden to present a landmark exhibition of wood sculptures and installations by prominent BC artists opening in June 2013 and running until October 2014.

Though each stylistically and conceptually distinct, the more than 14 artists participating in Touch Wood share an enlightened sensibility to their materials. Many of the 30 or more works use salvaged, recycled or scavenged wood and as all the artists are local they know and express the spirit of here, the particular genius locii of the north west coast with its abundance of woods.

Touch Wood is a culmination of the Duthie/Hunt’s exploration into the evolving artistry and industry in contemporary wood sculpture, installations and design. Informed by our cultural history of totems, house posts and memorial poles and classical statuary, ornamentation, monuments and follies to contemporary figurative, imaginative and abstract forms and the surprising and playful installations popping up in sculpture parks and public places today, Touch Wood celebrates the alignment of art with nature and the enjoyment of art in the park, in the gracious grounds of VanDusen Botanical Garden.

COUNCIL OF ELDERS by Michael Dennis

COUNCIL OF ELDERS by Michael Dennis