Steamrollers prints

‘Steamroller Prints’ – April 13, 14,& 15 at Mahon Hall.

4’ x 8’ woodcuts, carved on 4’ x 8’ plywood, printed by steamroller.

18 prominent printmakers. A heart-stopping breath-taking exhibition.

Background – 

The summer of 2016 saw Vancouver-based artists and the public alike engaged in a unique event: printmaking huge woodblocks using a full-size steamroller as a press. The first big print event took place on Granville Island. Twelve artists carved 4’ x 8’ sheets of plywood,  blocks were inked and printed by steamroller…not once, but four times each. 

The team of participating artists included Mariko Ando, Ben Duncan, Bobbie Burgers, Leonard Brett, Taiga Chiba, Ian Forbes, Saskia Jetten, Barbara Klunder, Arnold Shives, Kelly Shpeley, Tracey Tarling and Richard Tetrault. 

Big Print Chinatown brought together another team of artists and printmakers, carving and printing another dramatic series of 4 ft X 8 ft woodcuts – focused on the richness of Vancouver’s Chinese and Aboriginal cultures – and printing them by steamroller at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Plaza.

Artists in this series include Corey Bulpitt, Haisla Collins, Kee Toy Joseph, Jeanette Lee, Sharifah Marsden, Gerald Pedros, Susan Point, Connie Sabo, Jerry Whitehead, Sylvia Wong and June Yun.  

Masterminds of the projects:  Esther Rausenberg and Richard Tetrault of Creative Cultural Collaborations Society.

The Steamroller exhibition includes prints from these two events.

Here are links to videos of the printing events.

Big Print Chinatown 2016 video:
And Granville island Jazz project 2016