It Will Never Rain Roses

Please join us Saturday, June 9th for the opening reception for ‘It Will Never Rain Roses’

new oil paintings by Florence Roberge.

5 – 7 at the Duthie Gallery

Show continues through June 25

The title of the show comes from George Elliott:

“It will never rain roses.  When we want to have more roses, we must plant more trees.”

Artist Statement

“My latest show began with my amazing Ted bringing me several buckets of red roses hoping  that some portable inspiration would entice me to accompany him on a work trip to a boring place.   I became obsessed with these large, very long-stemmed, blood-red  roses and I remain so.  I have made over 100 small watercolour paintings of them.  Now immersed in painting these roses in oil (my favourite medium), I am even more in love with them.   I find them most alluring when they are dead and desiccated.  They mature from scarlet to ruby to violet with gilt and  finally to lacy edges of velvet black.   Sometimes all of these and many more colours in one wrinkly petal.

I think that all art made with truth and passion is a self-portrait, however obscure the references may be to the viewer.  Blood-red roses have signified  passion and abiding love, courage, power, respect and many many other emotions from recorded time.   They seem a perfect  vessel to contain what I am thinking and feeling at this time of my life.

To my eye, there is infinitely more life in these roses when they are dead than when they are fresh.