Celia Duthie

I have been making prints for over 10 years – since the first Richard Tetrault printmaking workshop held on the island. Full disclosure – Celia of the eponymous Duthie Gallery hosted the event – and every year since. I started making linocuts in art classes in the basement of the old Vancouver Art Gallery when I was 8 and now feel I am back in a happy childhood absorbed in art and discovery.

My first print was a 2 colour woodblock of a pileated woodpecker, followed by more block prints and reduction linocuts of a great blue heron, varied thrush, chickadees, quails, cardinal ( a Toronto sighting), nuthatches, northern flickers, mallards and most recently a mandarin duck.

For years they were much appreciated presents; now they are displayed and for sale in the Gallery/Cafe at Francis Bread/ Duthie Gallery and during the summer at Artcraft in Mahon Hall.